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As a destination we are proud to take pioneering dive groups to over 5 times in just 2 years, SIPADAN feels like Home to us. With our incredibly awesome dive buddies, SCUBA TIGER, at Semporna, the fun never stops here.

This fabled National Park only allows 120 divers and you’re lucky if you can get a second day of diving in. Absolute SCUBA GUARANTEES a minimum of 2 days and is probably the only operator in India to get you as many as 4 days of diving at SIPADAN during a week’s diving! Swim with thousands of Big Eyed Trevally, Great Barracudas, enormous Bump Headed Parrot Fish schools and see Giant Clams larger than yourself! This Oceanic Island surfaces from 600 meters below and is a legendary Wonder of the Water World to see and dive at.

Our SIPADAN trips will also include the best of macro-diving at the famed MABUL & KAPALAI isles, along with Sibuan & Manta Buan – picturesque islands with beautiful, ancient reefs and surreal beaches. Unlimited night dives off the house reef available for those who have energy remaining at the end of these full fun in the sun days!

Hike up the Bohey Dulang Natural reserve on a day off, round it off at Uncle Jack’s rocking Sea Food restaurant in town and enjoy the quiet, luxurious bliss of the Tiger’s Den to stay at.

Honestly, if we could move here, we would!

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