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Siddharth started out as a MBA graduate in Mumbai, and went on to work within the Travel Trade before he took over the reins as Mainland Manager for Prahlad Kakar’s LACADIVES.

Backed by 7+ years of solid work experience there, managing all the mind-boggling nuances of 4 operating Dive Centres at one time (and not flipping out) and after having taken the plunge at Kadmat island, Lakshadweep in 2005, Siddharth ventured deeper and co-founded Absolute Scuba with Seemant in 2012.

Maybe because the idea of running a company that “went under” tickled him funny.

Sid is a marketing guy to the core – but what sets him apart is his conviction. There are no empty “sales pitches” from his end – he believes in everything he says. Work is his element - he spends about 10 hours on the phone every day, while simultaneously working on his laptop and scribbling away new ideas in his notebook; taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. The tension seems to keep him ticking, and he strives to outdo himself day after day. He doesn’t tire of what he does – he can always be relied on to bring new ideas, and the same old enthusiasm to the table.

Absolute SCUBA’s Guinness World record feat owes all its back-end administration, logistical planning, bright ideas and Record-saving decisions on the beach to Sid and his incredible, genius-like mind. He is honoured at Office with a Fake Chinese course director certificate!

And boy, he sure does know how to let his hair down too! In between all this, he’s managed to get 1100+ dives logged, travel to 15 different countries (and being the huge foodie he is, naturally, sample the cuisine there), be the family guy, get married and father a baby girl with another one on the way !

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