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Seemant finished 3 years of Hotel School and went on to work as an Hotelier for almost 5+ years before he made the choice that changed his life forever. “Melting into the Ocean” as his awesome CMAS Staff Instructor Hugues Vitry would say, Seemant finally gave up his last job at the magical BANGARAM island resort in the Lakshadweep. And took the plunge with Lacadives. The rest is truly History.

He went for his first SCUBA dive in the Lakshadweep in 2001. Being a non-believer in half measures, Seemant went on to get certified as a CMAS and PADI Instructor, making him one of the only two active Instructors in India with this qualification.

He has in the past been employed with leading dive companies in India, trained over 400 students, and has about (take a deep breath) 11,000+ dives under his belt. He feels he has only scratched the Surface of what will be his way of Life ahead.

Seemant co-founded Absolute Scuba with Siddharth in 2012, and is a perfect yin to Sid’s yang. Seemant is characterised by his superior work ethic, effective and enjoyable teaching techniques, immense love for the blues (yes, water and music), everlasting patience, attention to detail, tidiness, and refusal to cut corners.

It were exactly these traits that helped Absolute SCUBA confidently undertake, handle and execute India’s first and ONLY SCUBA based Guinness World Record in 2016.

Whether the subject of discussion is SCUBA, Military Aviation or Axl Rose, Seemant has some serious knowledge to impart. He is also your go-to guy for queries regarding 70% of the Earth, literally. A self-proclaimed social recluse, Seemant isn’t one for large crowds and loud parties. Our sea-man is happiest when left to ruminate by himself Or when he’s belting out GN’R songs with a local Rock band after a good day of diving.

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