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For over 50 years, ScubaPro is the most trusted brand of SCUBA diving equipment, Worldwide ! Catering to all class of divers ranging from beginners to professionals, Scubapro is known for its sturdy and durable quality as well as the top innovations in SCUBA diving equipment research. ScubaPro employs the most advanced R&D techniques and a highly efficient manufacturing process to create a total dive solution by providing a range of sophisticated products.

Innovative always, ScubaPro is responsible for advances in the dive computer wireless Tank Transmitters, the heart rate monitor to estimate workload, and from the first modern buoyancy compensator ever to the top of the line BCDs today.

Scubapro masks, snorkels, BCDs, Regulators, Diving Computers, wetsuits, knives, Diving Fins… the list is endless for the Best recreational Diving Equipment one can use with assurance. As they say, “Deep Down you want the Best”

SCUBA India prides itself on its Scubapro professional SCUBA diving equipment and uses:
T-One series Buoyancy Compensating Device (Jackets)
MK25 – R 295 SCUBA (breathing) regulators
Thermal Tec series SCUBA diving wetsuits .
We can also help you choose a Scubapro product relevant to your requirements.

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