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The PADI Open water course is easily one of the most popular Recreational Diving Courses globally and is your passport to the “certified diver” fraternity.

Designed to take a beginner through the stages of converting into an independent SCUBA Diver, the Open Water license is your first true step into the beauty and magic of the Oceans.

As long as you are 10 and above, can swim 200 meters freely using any swimming stroke, and tread water for about 10 minutes, you are eligible to sign up for the PADI Open Water Diver Course. 10-15 year old earn the Junior Open Water diver certification allowing them to dive to 12 meters while everyone above 15 years dives to 18 meters / 60 feet below.

Absolute SCUBA has a fun yet intensive approach to this Course; we believe solid foundations (read, Good Training) make for a good and safe diver. You will find our Instructors are warm, friendly and complete Professionals when it comes to Training.

The PADI Open Water Diver Course has 3 modules to complete within a Year of starting. Module 1 & 2 completed form a “Referral” – where you can complete the last module and your Course with any PADI SCUBA diving centre in the World.

Or you could simply join us on any of our monthly Dive trips to complete the Course with an Absolute Experience! We guarantee it will be Different.

Read below to know more about how to get your SCUBA diving license (a.k.a certification card) and explore the other 70% of your Blue Planet !

Theory, in short, is the most essential thing to know about SCUBA diving. It’s not boring sermons to go through; you read through relevant information on what goes on when you SCUBA dive – to your Body, to the air you breathe, to the equipment you use and understanding the Element of oceans themselves. You learn about “Diving Tables” and learn about Nitrogen! The theory prepares you for an easier transition into the world of SCUBA before Module 2 begins.

Knowledge Reviews at the end of each chapter prepare you for your SCUBA theory sessions with your Instructor and a Final Exam.

This theory comes to you via PADI e-manuals and we strongly urge Students to sign up and get access to this Manual well in advance of their Pool Training sessions. It doesn’t require more than a daily hour of dedicated studying to complete the manual and reviews in 5-6 days and doing so will better prepare you for Module 2 next.

The Real Stuff ! Let’s get started with SCUBA.

As a PADI Dive centre, Absolute SCUBA Pune focuses on the best SCUBA diving training practices and Instructors to help you get started. We believe in building strong foundations via mastery of your SCUBA skills so you turn out to be a confident, safe and competent SCUBA diver.

To complete this module, a student needs to master a variety of skill sets over 2 full days of Pool Training at some of our Best swimming pools in Pune. Here you learn everything from kitting up to using your equipment underwater.

You learn essential skills in self and Buddy management, you train for “when things go wrong”, you get challenged and you have a Ball rising to the challenge.

SCUBA training is well structured, standardised and always moves at the Student’s pace. Absolute SCUBA Instructors are experienced and patient individuals who work with you towards your Certification. The entire team is meticulously trained in delivering some of the best SCUBA instruction you can receive.

We take no short cuts. And we have “serious fun” while we’re in Training mode. Absolute Scuba Pune has a very flexible approach to scheduling your Training Sessions and values the fact that you must have a certain ability to choose schedules convenient for you.

We train on all days except Mondays and can start with as little as One student. We restrict batches to no more than 6 students per weekend to ensure you have the best SCUBA classes and training.

There is no “Deep Sea Diving” really. It’s called Open Water Diving and this is where you test out all your skills in the Ocean. 4 training dives with an Instructor help you control and eventually master your SCUBA skills in the Ocean environment.

Here is where you experience the depths and the Salt and sway of the Ocean. Here’s where you go beyond the swimming pool confines and also experience the Beauty and Tranquillity of the Oceans.

Upon successful demonstration of required skills in Open Water, a student is “Certified” by the Instructor and receives the PADI Open Water Diver Certification – a passport for Life to explore 70% of your Blue Planet!

Absolute Scuba Pune creates and takes out the Best SCUBA diving course completion trips to diving destinations best suited for Beginners.

We focus on well-researched and highly recommended Partner Dive Centres in the best places to go for SCUBA courses. Our “Absolute” SCUBA diving packages include Stay and Diving quality that will never disappoint. And always exceed expectations.

Absolute Scuba Open Water trips are always Scuba-centric, taking you to the best places to learn to dive at and have an option to extend before or after the diving package is over. Our SCUBA diving package prices are surprisingly good value-for-money and we always throw in a lot more to make it an Absolute experience always.

Reach us now to get our Training schedule and plan your PADI Open Water course. Speak to our Instructors today and get your Dive Plan going!

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