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Want to Love and Live your SCUBA dreams? Want to share it with others ? Want to be the PADI Professional who first got you hooked on the Sport?

The PADI Divemaster course is perfect for those divers who want to take up what you they love most as a career. Or simply as the quintessential SCUBA diving course to take to know the Complete Picture about your SCUBA.

The Divemaster is a highly respected Certification because they are leaders who mentor and motivate others. A certified Divemaster not only gets to dive a lot, but also experience the joy of seeing others have as much fun diving as they do.

The PADI Divemaster course is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you fine-tune your diving skills and refine your rescue skills so you anticipate and easily solve common problems. You gain detailed diving knowledge, management and supervision abilities so you could be handling day to day operations at a Professional Diving Centre even. PADI Divemasters get to assist an Instructor in SCUBA diving activities and assist with diver training. They are one step short of being a PADI Instructor.

An adventure of a lifetime awaits you as your PADI Divemaster certification is a Passport to a rewarding lifestyle and Career all rolled into one.

Topics and practical workshops in the hands on and extensive PADI Divemaster course include :

1.The role and responsibilities of the PADI Divemaster
2.Supervising dive activities and assisting with student divers
3.Diver safety and risk management
4.Divemaster conducted programs and specialized skills
5.Business of diving and your career
6.Awareness of the dive environment
7.Dive setup and management
8.Mapping an open water site
9.Conducting dive briefings
10.Organizing a search and recovery project and a deep dive
11.Conducting scuba reviews and skin diver course
12.Assisting with Discover Scuba Diving experiences for Beginners and leading Discover Local Diving programs for Certified Divers

Eligibility for the PADI Divemaster course is:

1. 18 years or older
2. PADI Rescue Diver certification
3. Valid Emergency First Response certification.
4. Minimum 40 logged dives at the start of the Course and minimum 60 logged dives at the end

Absolute Scuba Pune offers Positions within the Team for Certified PADI Divemasters and encourages the “Zero to Hero”
( PADI Open Water Diver to PADI Divemaster certifications in one Go ) programmes for motivated individuals at its affiliated Dive Centres.
If being a SCUBA diving Pro is your calling, Reach us today to know how you can get started on your Professional path in SCUBA diving.

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