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Team Absolute is a rich mix of internationally certified and experienced PADI and CMAS diving instructors as well as Divemasters. Every member is an Ocean and SCUBA lover at the Core as are all the volunteers and Interns who make our Journey rewarding and pleasurable. Each member is invaluable and contributes to the Absolute Experience

Dedicated to experiencing the beauty & joys of this amazing Sport themselves, everyone in the Team takes great pride in diving and training safely to start with and are committed to spread SCUBA love.

An “Absolute” experience will always be a memorable one. And we love the fact that everyone who dives with us ends up becoming not just an enthusiastic diver but also a part of the Team; becomes a friend. So come drop in, share a chai with us at the dive-shop and claim your Absolute Adventures in the Liquid World.

Founder, Dive Guru


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Founder, Marketing Guru


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Instructor, Dive Centre Manager


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Jayesh Bhagat

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We love every one of our previous Absoluters in the Team, Interns & Volunteers. They are all certified by us and have been part of the Team in so many ways, it’s not funny. They bring in fresh and young perspective to us and bring the new school to meet the old school, mid-way.

They are future Aviation Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Marine Biologists, Artists, cinematographers, Designers and so much more. And they are all SCUBA divers ! They make us proud.

All our love and Best Fishes as always to every Zahabiya, Gayatri, Ruchira, Aayush, Yuvaan, Samir, Samar, Aashray, Rohan, Bilal, Utsavv and Nikunj who make us who we are today.

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