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Not very far from wherever you may be in India, lies the small, buzzing little town of Murudeshwar in North Karnataka. Not far from Udupi (of Dosa fame) and Mangalore, this small rail-head and pilgrimage township is the lauching pad for one of the most spectacular SCUBA diving destinations in India – Netrani or Pigeon island.

20 kilometers off-shore from Murudeshwar, Netrani is a large rock that surfaces and towers above you for no real rhyme or reason. In fact, you almost don’t expect anything that large to be that far out in the open ocean. As the only reef out in the open ocean, Netrani comes with surprisingly good visibility, an abundance of coral reefs, reef fish and even occasional Whale Sharks and Pilot Whale pods !

Absolute SCUBA is veteran of over 30 weekend trips to Netrani, primarily a certification destination and very good for the odd weekend fun diving get away if you’re already certified.

Easy air & road access via Goa, Mangalore airports and an overnight AC sleeper bus away from Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune makes Netrani a hard to ignore destination. With ideal depths for Basic and Advanced PADI courses, Netrani is a surprisingly great option.

Absolute experiences offer all-inclusive weekend packages starting at unbeatable prices and some of the most insane South Indian breakfasts and Sea Food Dinners !

If you haven’t discovered Netani diving yet, reach out today. If you have already, maybe it’s time for some quick fun dives and “Naked Fry Prawns” at Palm Grove for dinner ;)

Absolute SCUBA teams up with the friendly and professional team of WEST COAST ADVENTURES at Murudeshwar to Dive Netrani.

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