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Luxfer SCUBA gas cylinders. Since 1941.

The Air we breathe through a SCUBA diving cylinder is almost 2400 litres of compressed air in an average SCUBA diving cylinder (a.k.a tank, bottle). 2400 litres compressed in a 12 litre cylinder may prompt you to think about not playing Football with it, Ever !

Absolute SCUBA is Proud to be the sole Distributor for LUXFER India, the undisputed leader in SCUBA diving cylinders worldwide. There is no disputing a LUXFER, worldwide !

We use the LUXFER 12 litre Aluminum SCUBA diving tanks or cylinders at our facilities.
Luxfer Gas Cylinders is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminium and composite high-pressure gas cylinders for everything from SCUBA diving, Fire Fighting, Medical Oxygen to the Automobile Industry.

What started in 1881 as an effort to introduce Light (via Prisms) to the World turned into a Global Success Story as LUXFER went to greater heights in being a global materials technology company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance materials, components and gas cylinders to customers in a broad range of growing end-markets.

Luxfer’s business development is focused on the growing markets for environmental, healthcare, protection and specialty technologies. It operates 19 manufacturing plants in 7 countries, has a presence in over 50 plus joint ventures in Japan and India. Its Corporate Head Office is in Salford, England, UK.

From the early 1960’s Luxfer forayed into High Grade Aluminum cylinders for Fire Fighting SCBA & Medical Oxygen requirements and ventured with the Legendary JACQUES COUSTEAU in 1972 to produce the FIRST EVER SCUBA aluminum cylinders all over the World !

To date, LUXFER scuba cylinders stand for safe, non-negotiable Quality, Reliability and Endurance in a tough & challenging undersea environment. As undisputed Leaders in technology you can Trust, Luxfer constantly strives hard to innovate & amaze with its Range.

In India since 2009 as LUXFER INDIA pvt ltd, Luxfer manufactures SCBA – fire fighting cylinders & Medical Oxygen cylinders at its swanky Indian facility & retails SCUBA with its trusted Sole Distributor, ABSOLUTE SCUBA across India and around.

LUXFER Aluminum cylinders are the ONLY Government Approved Cylinders for Sale in India. They are DOE and CCOE approved. And comply to all Pressure Testing laws for SCUBA diving cylinders.

You can be assured you have decades of innovation and research in SCUBA diving cylinders when you breathe from a Luxfer SCUBA tank.

Reach us today see the Luxfer in action. Or get your special price as a Dive Centre Owner.

Get the Luxfer Scuba advantage today !

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