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The Lembeh Strait is rated as some of the most rewarding Macro or Critter diving destination world over. “Muck Diving” is more than diving in low visibility and silty bottoms; it is the patient, neutrally buoyant chase of critters tinier than your finger nail !!

Nudi Branchs, Pygmy Sea Horses, Hairy Frog fish, wonderpus, star gazers and the sought after Mandarin Fish; they all make regular appearances in these amazing diving destinations.

Local teams with eagle-eye vision will spot the most unbelievable stuff routinely on these dives. Sure to be a mind-set altering experience about your SCUBA diving, Lembeh and Lombok truly teach you the importance of slowing down to observe Nature.

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Dive Lembeh & Lombok : the Critter Diving Capital of the World

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