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If there is one premium and world-class diving destination in India, it has to be the mysterious Lakshadweep Islands. A holiday here is indeed a Step Back in Time. Undisturbed reefs, blindingly white and powder soft beaches, coconut kissed islands and people so friendly it’s almost a lost art.

36 coralline islands constitute the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. Only 11 are inhabited and almost half of those are open to visitors. Each island has exactly ONE resort to stay at and ONE dive centre to go SCUBA diving with; which means, you will NEVER see another dive boat other than your own. In fact, it will be rare to see more than a fishing boat or two on the horizon.

The Lakshadweep leads to such amazing, clutter-free and amazing diving experiences only because tourism has always been fairly restricted to these islands. The reef sees lesser divers than most diving destinations across the world and as a result divers have wonderful sightings, close encounters of the fish kind and very exclusive diving. It is not uncommon to have a 1:1 ratio between divers and dive leaders in the Lakshadweep.

Averaging at 30 meters easily, the visibility has nothing to complain about and sightings can include large numbers of Rays, Sharks, Turtles and the generic reef fish on almost every dive.

Popular islands open for diving include : Bangaram, Kadmat, Kavaratti and Minicoy. Most are connected via flights to Agatti island and speed boat transfers to the destination island.

Popular dive sites include : The Wall, Shark Alley, Potato Patch, North Cave, Sting Ray City (at Kadmat), Grand Canyon, Manta point, Thinakarra Hill, Shallow Point (at Bangaram), Wall of Wonder, Claire’s reef, Turtle’s Nest and the South Tip (at Kavaratti) plus scores of ship wrecks and fabulous coral at Minicoy.

All diving is supported by the fabulous LAKSHADWEEP DIVING ACADEMY or L.D.A at Kavaratti and falls under the purview of SPORTS – the Tourism body of the Government.

Absolute SCUBA is deeply rooted in these idyllic islands since 2001 and has over 16 years of diving experience in the Lakshadweep islands. We are on first name basis with many of the resident creatures underwater. Our trips are incredibly streamlined, well-planned and always go the extra mile for the Lakshadweep.

Dive Lakshadweep: India’s amazing SCUBA diving heritage on the Western front.

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Discover Lakshadweep: India’s best kept Diving secret

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