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Diving with the Best Scuba equipment since 2001

Absolute Scuba has a non-negotiable outlook towards safety while Diving and that always starts with the SCUBA Diving equipment used. Years of experience with Diving equipment and various manufacturers has made us narrow our choices to the Best SCUBA Diving equipment makers in the World. Call us old-fashioned but there’s no need in re-inventing certain Wheels all over again.

Most of these International Scuba diving gear brands are Celebrating in excess of 50 to 100+ years of safe and flawless service and are Legends within the Industry. They are clearly recognised as the Best SCUBA diving equipment brands in the World.

Scubapro Professional Diving Equipment. Since 1963.

For over 50 years, ScubaPro is the most trusted brand of SCUBA diving equipment, Worldwide ! Catering to all class of divers ranging from beginners to professionals, Scubapro is known for its sturdy and durable quality as well as the top innovations in SCUBA diving equipment research. ScubaPro employs the most advanced R&D techniques and a highly efficient manufacturing process to create a total dive solution by providing a range of sophisticated products.

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Luxfer SCUBA gas cylinders. Since 1941.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminium and composite high-pressure gas cylinders for everything from SCUBA diving, Fire Fighting, Medical Oxygen to the Automobile Industry.

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Bauer Compressors. Since 1946.

BAUER Compressors, Germany has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 70 years. From their humble beginnings in the BAUER family home in Munich, Germany in 1946 to their current status as an industry leader, BAUER has earned its reputation as the world's foremost innovative designer and manufacturer of high pressure compressors and purification systems. In both Commercial as well as Recreational applications.

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Aqualung. Since 1942.

Aqua Lung is the name that first introduced the world to Recreational Scuba diving more than 60 years ago when the legendary Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and partner Émile Gagnan developed the first "Aqua-Lung, a “demand valve based” breathing apparatus that, attached to a Scuba diving cylinder, disconnected the diver from Surface Supply or the “Umbilical” as it is called.

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Suunto was born in Finland more than 75 years ago, when championship-level orienteer and keen outdoor enthusiast Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid filled compass. Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation, hand crafting premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers that have been tested in the world’s harshest and most challenging conditions.

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