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Best SCUBA Diving season in India

best scuba diving season india

When is the best time to SCUBA dive in India?

Let’s take a look at SCUBA diving in India through the eyes of a professional and experienced PADI SCUBA diving centre.

India has a vast coastline of over 7500 kilometres. That’s more than double the length of India from North to South! It’s no wonder SCUBA diving in India has been gaining popularity over the decades. To understand where and when to dive, we look at many factors that affect the overall experience of taking the plunge. The key to a great dive experience is to prioritise safety and education especially with a sport like SCUBA diving. This involves choosing the right dive centre and an awareness of how the seasons affect SCUBA in India.

We’ll begin by separating the year into three main seasons which affect conditions for SCUBA DIVING in India

  1. Winters in India span from November to early-February each year and mark the beginning of the fair diving season in India. India enjoys a tropical climate so water temperatures in the seas range from 25°C to 28°C. Although most dive centres in India open after the monsoons from mid-October onward, SCUBA diving picks up by November throughout the country. Some of the nicest dive destinations to visit during this time are the far-off islands of Lakshadweep and coastal Netrani Island (both on the West coast of India). Pondicherry, on the East coast, remains a perennially operational diving destination.

  2. The famous Indian Summer runs from March to late May / early June each year. This season is considered Peak diving season and leaves the seas flat with underwater visibility improving drastically. SCUBA divers flurry to dive destinations across India during this time. Water temperatures rise to a comfortable 29°C and may even reach up to 33°C at times. Some of the most travelled dive destinations in India during this season are the Andaman Islands, the Lakshadweep Islands, Netrani Island, Pondicherry and Goa.

  3. Come June, the Monsoons start to roll in and last till early/mid-October. SCUBA diving in the Indian seas comes to a halt mostly as this period is always famous for low-visibility, stronger currents and low availability of operational dive centres.

But do not fret! Training for SCUBA diving and the ability to Discover SCUBA with inland and local Dive Clubs happens year round! It’s the perfect way to gain comfort & confidence. You can even sign up for an international SCUBA certification course and prepare yourself for diving in Open Water as soon as the Indian diving season reopens.

Countries that enjoy a good diving season during our monsoons are Indonesia, Egypt, Fiji, Galapagos, parts of Maldives, Eastern Sri Lanka, Seychelles and Mauritius among others. Dive travel to international destinations is a great way to travel the world, gain buddies & friends for life as well as explore the depths of the Oceans.

Author: Shaun Patel, PADI OWSI

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