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Diving the Southern Red Sea with Absolute SCUBA

scuba diving red sea emperor elite liveaboard

Chronicles of the Red Sea

While most people say it’s great to be back home, we’re back from the thriving waters of Egypt with mixed emotions! After many trips of superb diving & delicious buffets, we know Egypt never disappoints! Our recent trip to the Red Sea in Southern Egypt strengthened our drive to dive Egypt till we drop with its beautiful people & abundant reefs as we soaked in the Egyptian sun.

After meticulous planning & thorough research, we find ourselves on-board an uber luxurious vessel on an adventure to the Southern parts of the Egyptian Red Sea. The Red Sea attracts many a diver with its protected marine ecosystem, abundance of species & clear blue waters. The Southern waters are calmer so diving is more relaxed and perfect for divers looking for bliss & tranquillity underwater with easier diving conditions. Departing from Port Ghalib, we made our way through legendary dive areas like St. John’s Reef, Fury Shoals & the world famous Elphinstone Reef.

scuba diving red sea

Our ultra-spacious vessel boasted 12 premium AC & en-suite cabins fully equipped with a TV (which no one switched on) and mini bar too (which was more frequently visited)! To top this off, the staff on board was very experienced, warm, hospitable & eventually became friends. At the risk of sounding a bit like a hog, just the buffets were worth making the trip for.

Each of the 21 dives we did brought on a surreal experience and showed us exactly why the Red Sea is held in such high esteem. Beneath the surface, life on the vibrant and colourful coral reefs thrived as if untouched by human exposure. Fury Shoals brought on an added surprise of dolphins underwater which didn’t seem to be bothered with us divers. Witnessing such conscious creatures in their homes was a treat to the eyes and will remain in fond memory. Macro life came alive as critters scuttled across the reefs making our Night dives full of action! But with all that these waters had to offer, the intricate cave systems of St. John’s reefs stood out for the feeling of solitude it left us with. The towering pinnacles covered with live coral & almost ethereal like swim-throughs left us with a sense of awe and respect for nature.

It’s hard to put into words an experience that is so surreal. So, to take you through our journey we’ve put together a little video of our journey to the thriving reefs of Egypt’s southern waters & its glorious cave systems.

This video is a home creation and I hope it does justice to the one passion we all share (The Oceans). Please share this video with friends, family, enemies and even strangers.

Now back on solid land enriched with our shared experiences, our group of 25 people grew connected by mutual respect for our oceans and love for diving. Now the only question that remains is “Where next?” And so, we’ll spend our time scouring through the best dive destinations in the world to craft dive trips the “Absolute SCUBA” way.

We hope to see you suspended somewhere in the Blue someday.

Author: Seemant Saxena, CMAS & PADI Instructor

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