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10 points to bear in mind when you get serious about diving

Recently certified as a PADI Open Water Diver? Want to take your diving to the next level? Enhance your skills or simply explore this Blue Planet a bit more. Here are 10 points that can take your diving to the next level

  1. Sign up for PADI Specialties:

    Whether you’re looking to simply improve your buoyancy control with a Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality or straight out explore mysterious wrecks, PADI offers a massive range of Specialty options to choose from. Some personal favorite Speciality courses include EANx Diver (Enriched Air Nitrox), Digital Underwater Photography and the Night Diver Specialty. Check out the table below to figure out which ones call to the diver in you.

  2. PADI courses open water advanced adventure rescue master scuba diver
    PADI course flow chart
  3. Go deeper! Go for PADI AOWD

    If you feel 18 meters is just a number, make sure to sign up for a PADI Advanced course. You must complete 5 different types of Adventure dives for this course out of which two dives are mandatory. A deep dive to 30 meters (100 Feet) is one such mandatory dive. The second is a Navigation Dive which sharpens our ability to successfully navigate underwater. For the remainder of the three Adventures dives, you have a bunch of options to select from. You could learn more about Marine ecosystems or do your first Night Dive!

  4. Get yourself some Personal Gear

    With an adventure sport like SCUBA where your life depends on your Gear, it’s great to be able to trust it completely and there’s nothing better than having your own equipment. Start off with a Mask that fits your face well. Move on to getting yourself some Fins after trying a few types. Next, a wetsuit or drysuit for personalized fit and hygiene. Take your time and ask for professional guidance while looking for a BCD, Regulator and Dive computer to make sure you get something that suits your style.

  5. scuba gear bcd scubapro cressi
    Buoyancy Control Device
  6. Learn to be an Emergency First Responder

    It’s highly comforting when your dive buddy is trained as an Emergency First Responder. This course takes you through emergency responses like CPR and Rescue breathing as well as Secondary Care like managing cuts, fractures and choking. What’s awesome about this course is that it’s handy in non-diving related situations as well. Also, you don’t even have to be a certified diver to sign up!

  7. Take some far out dive trips to more challenging dive destinations

    It’s more than likely that beginner divers start off in slack diving conditions like a lagoon or a shallow reef. However, the Oceans and seas are diverse and as you clock more dives and confidence; it’s time to venture out to some of the more challenging and rewarding dive destinations. These places may have stronger and sometimes unpredictable currents but the landscapes, coral reefs and fish life are found in abundance. If you have not yet, plan a visit to places like Komodo, Deep south Maldives, South Egypt(Red Sea), the Galapagos Islands and Fiji among many others.

  8. SCUBA with your Local Dive clubs

    Unless you live by the Sea, staying in touch with your skills isn’t always easy, right? Wrong. Land-based dive centres and dive clubs often have equipment and training facilities where you can refresh, sharpen or learn some new skills. Try to find a pool with a dedicated diving well which has some depth to it like ours. Want to experience SCUBA in the City? Book your spot here

  9. scuba pool training pune
    Our training facility in Pune
  10. Refresh your Dive Theory

    Staying current with this highly theoretical sport and reading your manuals often is one sure shot way to take your diving to the next level. A deep understanding of the theory behind the sport is what makes a diver safe and confident.

  11. Sign up for some Technical courses

    Feel limited at just 40 meters deep? Change your gases and go deeper with Technical diving courses. This is a great way to explore other avenues of SCUBA and really reach places explored by just a few.

  12. Living & Diving from a liveaboard

    If you ready to step up your diving, a Live Aboard is a MUST! Experience dive locations that are far out and impossible to reach by smaller boats. Diving from a Life aboard promises some spectacular sights and sightings both on surface and underwater. It is not uncommon to log up to 4 dives each day on some of these trips and visit ecosystems that are out of reach for the land-based diver.

  13. scuba diving liveaboard
  14. Go Pro!

    Take the plunge and become part of a global community of dive professionals. The PADI Dive Master course is challenging but extremely rewarding. Earn the chance to call the Oceans your office and live a life in communion with Nature. Check out more on the course here. Where ever you are on the diving ladder, remember to stay sharp, fit and focused. Also, stay away from the boat ladder when someone else is climbing up!

Author: Seemant Saxena - CMAS and PADI Instructor

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