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Scuba Diving Netrani Island : A treasure in our Backyard

Absolute Scuba at Netrani Island

Perfect for weekend diving getaways, discover the best & most popular diving destination off the coast of Murudeshwar, Karnataka with team Absolute Scuba!
Murudeshwar can be easily reached by flight, car or numerous buses that shuttle past the city. Apart from being famous for hosting a massive Shiva statue and a larger than life temple, a number of professional & reputed PADI Scuba diving centres operate from Murudeshwar. Absolute Scuba runs the best amongst them for seamless independent, group and corporate travel. Absolute Scuba's adherence to quality and safety promises you a diving experience like no other. Complete your PADI courses with highly qualified PADI instructors and Dive masters with us. We primarily focus on SCUBA education and refine your techniques so you form correct habits right from the start.

To top it off, we offer the best prices and offers to enjoy diving for all levels. With over 7 years and 45+ group trips, we promise a well-researched holidaying & diving experience as well as budgets to suit everyone.

Netrani Island is an oasis of thriving coral reefs, abundant fish-life and great visibility. The island, 20 kilometres off Murudeshwar's coast takes about an hour to journey to by boat. Easy access to this sleepy fishing town along with comfortable accommodation options allow time bound travelers a quick getaway from urban city life. The legendary Mangalorean food makes it an eternal favorite with visitors from everywhere in India.

Reach us to know more about: Introductory dives, SCUBA certifications for beginners & advance divers, Fun Diving (for certified divers) & snorkelling (for non-divers too). Whether you are a first timer, old timer or want to begin your adventures in the liquid world, we’d be happy to guide and assist you plan your perfect diving holiday. Join us for our own, escorted trips on comfortable weekends or reach us to plan your own Netrani getaway this season.

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Scuba diver and Moray eel - Scuba in India, Absolute Scuba India

Our upcoming scheduled weekend getaways for the beginning of 2019 are mentioned below. You can travel by yourself or join us as we have organised group tours leaving from Mumbai or Pune during the summer season.

Author: Seemant Saxena

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