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Bauer Compressors. Since 1946.

BAUER Compressors, Germany has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 70 years. From their humble beginnings in the BAUER family home in Munich, Germany in 1946 to their current status as an industry leader, BAUER has earned its reputation as the world's foremost innovative designer and manufacturer of high pressure compressors and purification systems. In both Commercial as well as Recreational applications.

Fun Fact

In 1955 - BAUER premieres the UTILUS compressor, the archetype SCUBA diving compressor. This high pressure unit is still sold worldwide and guarantees decades of reliable service. It is an incredibly robust machine; spare parts for the 1955 UTILUS are still available today. The compressor delivers 80 litres of purest breathing air per minute. Its name UTILUS (Latin for "useful") is the acronym for "Unseren Tauchern Immer Luft Und Sicherheit" – always a safe and reliable source of air for divers.

SCUBA India uses the BAUER Utilus-2 with a filling capacity of 100 litres of compressed air per minute. The main block can create, hold and fill at 300 Bar or Atmospheres of pressure! It houses TWO BAUER filters for the BAUER Pure Air guarantee and is serviced annually by the brilliant team of BAUER Compressors, PUNE at MIDC Pimpri. And it is as quiet as a washing machine. A brilliant, precise machine, our compressor gives us the “Plug & Play” assurance every single time.

And yes, we pray to and keep the Compressor Gods happy always !

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