Spectrum of Diving Skills

About us

We are a PADI dive center, with all experienced PADI professionals. An environment-friendly premise, focusing on the quality, safety, and joy of diving. We are here to make your holidays enjoyable with your buddies and productive by offering introduction scuba diving for non-swimming beginners, courses to make you a certified diver, and fun or specialty dives for already certified divers.
Join us to explore the underwater world, in a stress-free society.
Happy diving!

Scuba India is a highly equipped dive centre based at Andaman Island. Along with dive training and excursions, Scuba India is also involved in a spectrum of underwater explorations, such as maritime archaeology, hunting for undiscovered wrecks, and ghost gear removal. We conduct a full range of PADI courses programmes with global languages.

Our Scuba Diving experience is perfect for those who have never tried diving before. You’ll learn some basic techniques and skills, try out the equipment in shallow water, and when you feel confident, you’ll go for your first best dive!

Scuba India offers a fantastic variety of diving features. From diving programmes for kids to continuing education courses for certified divers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Should you need further clarification, please feel free to speak with our diving instructors and staff directly or get in touch with us via the contact information provided.

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